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You’ve signed up for advertising in Community Connection Magazine, now what happens?

First, the CCM design team will create an ad for your company based on your website, social media pages and/or images and content you provide.  In a short timeframe, we will provide an ad proof for your approval prior to print.  You may also submit your print-ready ad if you prefer.

Mid-month, we begin the process of ad layout for each edition, with careful consideration to proper color and saturation disbursement, avoiding coupon overlap, rotating ad placement and many other quality checkpoints. At this time, we also curate local stories, gather community events, talk to our advertisers, take photos, and research interesting facts to publish in our "extras" pages.  Articles like Community Cooking Corner, Ask Gunnar, Tor's Taste Tour, Contests, Game Pages, Coloring pages and more are all designed and set up mid-month. 


After that it's your turn! You'll get a few timely emails asking for monthly ad changes. Once content and a basic direction is provided, our graphics team will start designing the perfect ad.  After a thorough proofreading process and edits, if necessary, CCM Magazine is submitted to the printer. Within 24 hours, the CCM team is supplied with printer corrections, if any, and more changes and edits are made.  Once CCM and the printer have agreed on the final product, it's off to the press! Pre-press, printing, binding, cutting, ink-jetting addresses, sorting and preparing the magazines for the postal stream is a weeklong process.  Magazines are then trucked to the post office where they are weighed, counted and processed.  Finally, Community Connection Magazine is on its way to the individual post offices to be mailed to readers. 

The first week of each month, your potential customers are retrieving their Community Connection Magazines from their mailboxes!

It's that simple! 

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