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A Day in The Life...

What does the owner of a local community magazine do in a day? You are about to find out!

Last week was what my family likes to call, Press week Crazy! It is the last week where everything is being finalized and going to press for the upcoming months issue, in this case, April. So, today, the first day of a new week, I like to think that I "took the day off".

It started with a phone call from a friend, to meet for breakfast. Always up for supporting local cafes, I jumped at the chance. We decided on The Valley Cafe in Pennsburg and out the door I ran. Once there, we placed our order and started chatting about what the rest of the day held.

In the middle of coffee, my daughter texted, and I invited her over. She also jumped at the chance, and I placed her order so it was ready when she got here.

It was at this point that we decided to go for mother/daughter Pedicures. After breakfast we headed to Dunkin to grab yet more coffee, and off to Bellacure Salon in East Greenville. Bellacure does an amazing job, and Katie and Lynn started us on our pampering. My daughter decided on a manicure as well, and Kelly did her manicure standing up while she got her pedicure!

When we finished, we headed over to the post office to grab the many contest entries our readers send in. Each month we offer a different gift card to a local business for finding the dollar dog hidden in the pages of Community Connection, and we always get a ton of entries!

We headed back to the house, and said our goodbyes after a quick lunch of chicken salad, and a few truffles from M & J gourmet. Yum! Dad fixed her windshield wipers while I made lunch. Wondering how she drove when it was raining out! Kids!

I decided to run to the park to take a few photos for the website, and while I was out I pulled over to write some phone numbers down from a painter sign and a tree company that were advertising on the side of the road. Gotta get them into the mag!

I headed back home, and worked on the website, made a few follow up phone calls to some customers, and put together a banking deposit.

At 3pm, I headed downstairs to relax, and enjoy an hour-long foot reflexology session from Soul to Sole Reflexology. Deanna never disappoints and my feet felt like new again!

I headed upstairs and decided to blog my day. It's 6:15, and time to start cooking dinner for the hub, and feed my two starving German Shepherds. You would think they hadn't got a meal in a week, the way the beg! Sheesh!

After dinner and dishes, I will sit back down and work on some articles for the May issue, then gather up a few supplies for my day tomorrow, which includes visiting St. Philip Neri Church for an Easter Bunny Visit. My husband will wear that costume!

And there you have it, a day in the life of my day off! And remember, Love Local, Live Local!

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